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Humanity Delete - Never Ending Nightmares

Biography: Rogga Johansson, serves as the only member of the band, performing all instruments, Rogga has a lengthy list of bands and groups he has provided his talents to, in fact 27 bands to date, per the Metal Archives database, an accurate database. Though it is high believed this latest incarnation of his, has fallen by the side in life, as the status as Split-up. However, Jill Girardi wrote the lyrics with the theme of Asian Ghosts, and mysterious legends, and Lasse Pyykkö to add a few raw riffs and solo standouts.


Label: Dead Beat Media


Additional Information: The track listing on the CD I have differs from the order on Metal Archives.


Never Ending Nightmares (Intro)

This is an intro track, better than many on a death metal album, gives the sense of horror movie scenario, hauntingly voices, cries enhancement deeper thought, overall fine for the audience.


The Eight Fire Narakas

First the name Narakas, is reference in the Buddhist religion for Hell Realm, i.e. circles, now that is clear, and hellfire reigns on the track, at 2minutes with the pattern of hitting the necessary marks but nothing more, still warrants attention from the listener.


Frozen Apparition

Very powerful track that grabs the audience and shakes into them into shape for this blistering paced album, the music does seem to age through the track itself, noting it was created back in 2004 and then completed in 2012, showing a progression in the genre and then appearing herein.


Pontianak Part II

A Pontianak in Malay and extending to Indonesian mythology describe as a vampire ghost, draining the life-force, and this track gives that impending doom, and a lingering return to the intro track rounding the song, giving some complexion to the music, clocking in at 3.29 (Longest song).


The Eight Ice Narakas

Again a return to the Hell, or perhaps a traveling through, now cover in sub-zero conditions, the straight forward death style, clocking in at 1.54 minutes, a solid track without faults, intense but short structure with nice and quick guitar solo at the end.


Black Oil Defiler (Orang Minyak)

Orang Minyak involves another ghost myth and translating to Oily Maniac, wonderful placement of the guitar singing and sounding as if flowing, like the oil, and devilish chords stalking through the landscape of the music.


Necromantic Sorcery

Rogga’s vocals extremely involve in the lyrics relating mystic tales of devilish delights, and the music accompanies his style, as almost secondary a uniqueness in the music, and especially on this track, allowing the bellowing of tone to heighten the sound, to a growling snarling blasting attack.


The Jenglot

The living human doll, of a humanoid creature, fitting inclusion, with the intensity up ticking quite a bit with the following of the sorcery track, as if used in supernatural ceremonies and music never lets one catch their breath or sanity. The bombardment takes hold quickly and places the audience for the neck whipping and mosh pit of forgotten time.


Dismal Corridors

Rogga continues the intensity and no letdown on the sound thorough lashing, hellish lyrics compete with the emphazing of the music, and vocals, with the guitar work sounding as if a running pattern down endless corridors of hell. The visual description from the music wonderfully comes to a battle of action by the end.


Resurrection Rites

No usage or need of proper structure for the music, everything fits as if it should, a knowing of years of talent and yet just dash of improvising in the blitzkrieg of instruments, spreading outward just from a briefest moment and colliding back into place.


Retribution of the Polong

The Polong a flying vampire that burrows into one’s enemies and the music conveys the summoning and bringing forth the demonic forces, and enthralls the drums, and growls of the sinister lyrics and vocals, and yet sadly don’t let the music expand in further incantations.


Pontianak Part I

The final track comes far too soon and leaves to quickly, with the intensity on par and the vocals, matching the guitar works feverishly adding, and yet ends abruptly. Once over the listener can wonder what if and left with the option, repeat the album.



Humanity Delete, returns the audience to the old-school death metal nothing explosively new, 12 tracks 30minutes of music, with no song nearly near 4 minutes in length, which is fine, given the genre, but even the legendary Chuck Schuldiner (RIP) from Death understood, longer duration does not sacrifice the genre or style. However, Rogga translate the music style with the lyrics in a new direction, feel of Dante’s Inferno trip, with a harkening towards the mythological and folklore to Asian ghosts, and the unknown darkest that scares the unaware. The intensely wildly competes with many bands of nowadays, shaming them for the uninformed and lack of taking of the lyrics equaling them to the music.




1. Never Ending Nightmares (Intro)

2. The Eight Fire Narakas

3. Frozen Apparition

4. Pontianak Part II

5. The Eight Ice Narakas

6. Black Oil Defiler (Orang Minyak)

7. Necromantic Sorcery

8. The Jenglot

9. Dismal Corridors

10. Resurrection Rites

11. Retribution of the Polong

12. Pontianak Part I




Rogga Johansson – All Instruments



*The band has since split up*


Rating: 7 out of 10

~Baron Craze

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