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Italy has once again delivered on to us a metal band that stands tall among the groups that already firmly establish the death metal genre. Human Improvement Process is an experimental death metal band that aims to improve the death metal genre with their 2013 album Deafening Dissonant Millennium. This is a fierce album determined to leave an impression on the listener. The impression it leaves is one that this experiment was highly successful and Deafening Dissonant Millennium is a phenomenal record that takes chances and emerges strong and inventive. Everything about this record oozes with style. Musically it has the feel of an experimental album through the song structure. The songs have jumps and time changes, much like technical death metal, but they never feel forced. The flow is natural. The death metal basics are here, but this band is not afraid to slow thing down and become clean, or bring everything to a somber hum. With everything going on musically, Deafening Dissonant Millennium never loses focus or dissolves into mediocrity. It remains strong and creative throughout. This kind of death metal is extremely hard to play and nearly impossible to play well. Human Improvement Process has found a way to organically surge and have created a terrific album. This is an experiment that works and didn’t shatter the test tubes.




1. Jenova

2. Deafening Dissonant Millennium

3. Erase

4. Empty Eyes

5. Our Last Pieces of Sanity

6. Artificial Savior

7. Materioscura

8. Architecture of a Dying Sun

9. The Process

10. Ethereal

11. The Deepest Oblivion




Andrea Piro – Vocals

Fabio Carretti – Lead Guitars

Marcello Tavernari – Bass/Vocals

Francesco Pini – Guitars

Alessandro Lugari – Drums



Rating: 9 out of 10


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