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Horde of the Eclipse - Essence

Horde of the Eclipse is a melodic black metal band from Pennsylvania. This EP; Essence, is the debut release featuring a new guitarist and their guitarist Max taking over for vocal duties as well.


Overall, this EP is excellent. The songs are well written, with depth and catchy riffs to keep the listener entertained. I was surprised how many twists and turns the songs had in them. Their complexity keeps the listener captivated until the end. Each song has its strong moments that really bring together the EP into a coherent piece.


As for production, I won’t get too critical considering it’s an EP. The drums could be mixed better, especially the kick drum, but the quality of the songs really shines through any production issues.


Vocalist Max really brings his power to the table with high pitched shrieks that blend well with the screaming guitars and blasting drums. Everything here has its place and there aren’t any aspects that detract from the release at all. Hopefully Horde of the Eclipse continue writing solid songs such as these.



1. Inherit the Winds
2. Dark Celestial Gate
3. The Ever-Greatening Sense






Keith Loboda – Bass

Luke Sweger – Drums

Max Shoop – Guitars, Vocals.

Andy Sheaffer – Guitars.



Rating: 9 out of 10



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