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Bloodshed, Murder, Torture, Carnage these words you can find when you open the book of history of this regional territory. Bath in the eternal river of torture, washing the blood covered body of innocents; Swords fulfilled their thrust; Lust for this land became the lust for blood for many decades. From Aryan dynasty you can find that they were always busy with evil works, so evil stuff is actually in our blood.


Our journey started with three of the members LEON on guitars, ISTIAQUE on vocal,ROMEN on drums; we began our jamming and also searching a bass guitarist. Someday later ANAS join with us as a bass guitarist. Inspired by brutal & technical death four of us step ahead in December 2008. Some Months later ROMEN was unfortunately left the band for his education. After that we started searching a drummer Couple of Months passed but the drummer slot was still empty. Finally S.K. Reaz vai (Mechanix) suggested us to give a shot to WAHID as our drummer but with in few month wahid had to leave Homicide for not full filling band requirement. Then Jordi joined as our new drummer. Than we found Shoumik as our lead guitarist and continuing our journey in a most brutal and cruel way.


Current Lineup:
VOCAL : Istiaque
GUITARS : Shoumik
BASS : Anas
DRUMS : Mim Jordison
BAND MANAGER : Imtiaz Salim Tawkir


Lyrics Theme:
Violence, Torture, Suicide, Rage, Social disorder, Domination, Death, Gore, Darkness, Historical war


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