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Holocaust Necropsy - Devastation

The old school, dark, evil, death metal sound lives strong on “Devastation”. The guitar work is interesting and so are the drums, but not as present. The bass plays its part of linking guitar and drums but is not featured on the album. Vocals are well delivered but seem over processed. For fans of instrumentals, track 6, “Muse of Hell” is recommended. Also, track 5, “Morbidity” stands out on the album. Overall the production is rough and mix seems unbalanced, but its a good effort by the band and would make for a heavy live show.




1. War Against Weaks

2. Soil of Fear

3. Deconstruction and Decomposition

4. Devil’s Administration

5. Morbidity

6. Muse of Hell (Instrumental)

7. Screaming in Agony

8. Burn








Christian Landry – Drums/Guitars/Bass

Marc-André Grenier: Vocals



Rating: 6 out of 10


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