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Hohl was developed in 2012 by Haborym Mastama (all instruments and songwriter) in Minnesota, USA.  Hohl is the response to the over acceptance and over usage of Black Metal in popular culture. The word ‘Hohl’ is German for ‘hollow’ and was picked by Haborym Mastama because he not only wanted his name to be European but also wanted a name that could be interpreted by the listener. Hohl is not just a musical project but a line in the sand for the honest and the pathetic.  Hohl’s lyrics deal with many themes but at the base Hohl is Anti-Human, Anti Jewish-Christian-Islamic and all so called “improvers of mankind.”  Hohl is a war against those who find profit in the sanitation of art and thought.  Hohl also proclaims a strong European Pride and Satanic backbone, with an emphasis on Darkness and negativity.  When a Wolf or Warrior listens to Hohl’s music they will understand the songs message and be ready to take up arms when the time is ripe.  When a sheep or weak individual listens to Hohl they will also understand what the songs are saying, and Haborym Mastama hopes that they will be inspired to severely hurt themselves or ultimately end their lives, for the have no worth.  The first Hohl cassette ‘Ascension’ was released on April 7 2013 by A Terre Records in Minnesota and limited to forty copies, featuring thirty-three minutes of Black Metal to introduce you to the sound of Hohl.  Later this year Hohl will be releasing the cassettes of an album titled ‘Megiddo’ (4 Songs, 34 minutes) and the cassette titled ‘A Return to the Age of Barbarism’ (7 Songs, 40 Minutes) also an album called “Apocalyptic Hymns” (7 Songs, 1 hour).  Hohl is War.  Hohl is Hatred. Hohl is Terrorism against society, morality, trendy “black metal” and posers.  NO TRIGGERS!  NO SWEEPS!  KEEP BLACK METAL DANGEROUS!!!


Hohl can be contacted via Facebook at: www.facebook.com/hohlterrorcult

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