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Summon: How did the band get started?
Alex: I started the band some years ago when I began to play guitar.

Summon: What kind of music do you play?
Alex: It can be linked to black metal, but I prefer to call it Killing Metal.

Summon: How has the fan response been?
Alex: I’m still searching for distribution and advertisement, so the fans are few, but the response is good.

Summon: Where did the band name come from?
Alex: The band name has composed by two lombardic words: Hild and Ulf. It can be translated into Wolf of Battle.

Summon: Introduce the band members and what they do in the band.
Alex: I, KampfWolf, I’m the only member/founder of the band, vocalist, guitarist and drummer

Summon: Who writes the music? Lyrics?
Alex: I have done all by myself.

Summon: And where do the lyric ideas come from?
Alex: Hatred towards all that is good and all that is false.

Summon: What is your view in Satanism and Occultism?
Alex: For many band they represent freedom ideals, but I don’t follow any kind of doctrine.

Summon: How many albums/CD’s have you released?
Alex: I only recorded a first EP of 4 songs.

Summon: Tell me about some the songs on the latest CD?
Alex: They are raw, grim and killing.

Summon: Do you have any side projects?
Alex: I also play drum in a thrash metal project.

Summon: Who are some of your musical influences?
Alex: Hatred.

Summon: Which current bands?
Alex: Many of the ‘80-’90 true old school metal.

Summon: What is the band like when you play live?
Alex: I don’t play live.

Summon: What do you think of the US Black Metal/Death Metal scene?
Alex: There are good bands, but a lot of shitty trendy bands.

Summon: What do you think of the Overseas scenes?
Alex: Same as over.

Summon: What are some of new favorite black metal/death metal bands?
Alex: Rust, toxic holocaust, death hammer, but there are other good bands.

Summon: When do you guys plan on writing any new material?
Alex: I’ve other three albums ready to record.

Summon: What does the future hold for the band??
Alex: Killing Metal Holocaust.

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