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I had previous experiences as a singer with other unsigned bands, Neonerves (technical thrash metal) and Anatomic (atomic black metal). For both of them I was also writing lyrics, only in Italian.







In Neonerves I was playing with my close friend Dario Laletta, who lately arranged, played, produced and mixed Livores. When Neonerves was over and we disbanded I started to think that the easiest way to make music was not having a band (you always have to deal with other people…) but starting a project on my own. At the end of 2012 I had the full structure for a song and I was working on other riffs and ideas. I can’t play any instrument and I write music on my computer, so I asked Dario if he was interested in arranging and producing my solo project, Hertz Kankarok. He agreed and we started a collaboration, ending up with the recording of a three-song EP.


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