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Beyond the Boundaries of Sin”


Hellwell - Beyond the Boundaries of Sin

What an awesome side project from Mark “The Shark” Shelton’s formally from the ultimate metal band from the 70s called Manilla Road. Hellwell is a Heavy/Progressive/Doom metal band. There themes are horror literature and dark doom. There currant label is with High Roller Records. Hellwell was started in 2011 and still going strong. Hellwell sounds a lot like a horror show metal band. They leave you feeling like something is coming for you. Mark is a master of metal and always leaves you wanting more and more. There were plenty of aspects about the album, like the Keyboards / Synth for example, that made the album sound like a mere 70s album, a sort of a heavier version of DEEP PURPLE meets KING CRIMSON while proposing reminders to the old BLACK ROSE band. One of my favorites is Hellwell – Eaters Of The Dead Take a listen on this youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cU5OB_u4Xw8


I recommend going out and buying this brutally hardcore album if you haven’t yet.


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1. The Strange Case of Dr. Henry Howard Holmes

2. Eaters of the Dead

3. Keepers of the Devils Inn

4. Deadly Nightshade

5. Acheronomicon I. Tomb of the Unnamed One

6. Acheronomicon II. The Heart of Ahriman

7. Acheronomicon III. End of Days







Johnny “Thumper” Benson – Drums/Guitars/Bass/Backing Vocals

E. C. Hellwell – Keyboards/Bass

Mark “The Shark” Shelton – Vocals (lead)/Guitars



Rating: 8 out of 10


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