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HELL POEMER is an atmospheric old-school black metal band from the isolated mountains of Loannina/Northwest Greece. The band was formed in the summer solstice of 2005 by INFERNAL LORD, DARK ARCHON, FIVOS, HARIS and KNAFOS. During the last 9 years, the band has performed great live-shows with bands like Rotting Christ, Varathon, Septic Flesh, Spider Kickers, Twilight and Aenaon among others. After many line-up changes during the years and the departure of the long-time guitarist NERON, the current line-up is:


INFERNAL LORD: Synths, vocals, flute

KNAFOS: guitar,

DEMONIOUS: guitar(session live),




Musically, HELL POEMER is influenced by the Hellenic black metal scene of 90’s and the Nordic majestic bands of the second wave of black metal.


The lyrical concept of HELL POEMER is based on the dark side of nature, ancient ruins, Homeric/Orphic/Hesiod’s cosmotheories, obscure medieval traditions and sorrowful landscapes.




“Hell poemer” – demo CD 2007 (self-released)

“Worshipers of the Apocryphal ages” – MCD 2010 & tape (Wolfs path productions/Night birds records)

“Crossing the ancient path of molossian tribes” – split live tape with The eternal Darkness (GR) 2011 (Werewolf promotion)

“Arcane Mysteries of Dead Ancestors” – Full length CD 2013 (Tenebrd Music)



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