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Heirdrain is the solo project of Heirdrain which is (has been) in a lot of other project of black metal. Heirdrain make a lot of different style like Experimental, Drone, Dark ambient, Harsh Noise, Doom, Death, Raw, True, Old School always mixed with ‘uncompromised’ Black Metal. Heirdrain makes everything by himself instrumentally, Artwork (got some help sometime) and lyrically. What are used in this project are ideas which can’t be used in the others. Heirdrain has a really large vision of ideals. He is a philosophical author and producer of lyrics (made almost all the lyric in all his other project). Heirdrain is someone really misanthropic; don’t give a fuck ideology and hard working person. Heirdrain will never do any official site, myspace or anything like that, if you see any it’s an impostor. His existence kept as a mystery, little information about himself is revealed to the public.

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