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HEATHER WASTELAND (Χερσόνησος, 3-bass Heretical Folk Art horde created by Cimmerian metal-heads in Neo-medieval metal way) was founded in the spring of 2001.


The group’s distinctive features were their two-bass line-up with a drummer, as well as an intended refuse to use guitars.


H.W. existed until the spring of 2002, having managed to play only 2 gigs. Their debut 12-minute performance created a furor owing to the music itself and the unrestrained energy at the stage that moved the bored crowd. The group became a discovery of the festival, and a concert photo of the raging front man was published in a very conservative newspaper. So, the group remained memorable long after the show.


In October of 2014, the band was reunited with their original line-up, but also recruited a 3rd bassist.


H.W.’s music is marked by the uncommon approach to folk metal, and interest in obscure or “forbidden” topics of per-christian and medieval periods of European history, often in the esoteric context.


On Samhain of 2016 H.W. digitally released their debut instrumental EP “Under The Red Wolfish Moon”.


The digipak CD release is scheduled on Yule of 2016.


All EP tracks are already included in several CD- and digital compilations. The first official video “Tre Sverd” turned in a good score of views at Youtube and other social medias, and exceeded 10 thousand views in total over three months. The video is also included in a DVD-compilation of Terroraiser Magazine (Ukraine).


All parts of string, wind and keyboard instruments are played using a 6-string bass with a midi pick-up through a guitar synth. Studio arrangements of all tracks are identical to their concert versions.


In the spring of 2016 H.W. recorded a neo-medieval cover of the song “Personal Energy” for the official international tribute CD of PESTILENCE (the Netherlands, jazz/death metal). A chorus of growling trolls was recorded by Ind (GRENOUER, TARTHARIA).


Currently the band is an international project, and it is not an instrumental project anymore. The forthcoming album is almost recorded, and participation of some legendary singers is already confirmed, although the band is still keeping in secrecy their names.


In September of 2016 the band parted company with Alexander and Andrey due to the inability to keep on the full-grown joint concert activity and divergence of views towards the band conception. Nevertheless, the joint studio work on the 1st full-length album is carried out with the same line-up.


The rest of the band’s line-up is working on the new material and looking for two bass players for the concert activity.



Line-up till September, 2016:

Anatoliy Polovnikov – drums

Sergey AR Pavlov – 4-string bass

Andrey “SLN” Anikushin – 5-string bass

Alexander Vetrogon – 6-string bass



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