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I and Dahaaka and Nephtys, we founded the band back in the 2011, and I came our with the name, we were supposed to be a band of trio, but later on some essential ideas were developed and changed, and we became interested in going on stage, and that made Rage, Oussama Rima and Warlord join the band, after the first live appearance Oussama Rima left the band due some personal reasons and he was replaced by Trotgoh, and after the second live appearance we decided to kick out Rage and replace him by Sin Saager, yet he also left because of something happened inside the band, but we had a guitarist in mind that hit at us first, he is an old friend of us, he is Soulburner, yet Nephtys left the band also…Few months ago we started recording our first EP that will contain four tracks, we are recording at Mallah Studio, its a local recording studio owned by a black metal musician, yet he records all kinds of music, for we are the only metal/black metal band that is “serious” and looking forward to release an EP then a full length album, and we also want to get signed, weeks ago we appeared in a compilation album that gathered several black metal band from the middle east, it was titled Arabian Inheritance, generally Dahaaka composes the guitars and he writes some lyrics sometime, but most of the lyrics are by me, Warlord and I we do the drums, and as I told you our EP is in progress right now, and it will be titled as ILLicit theRapist.

Current Line-up:
Ayvaal – Vocals
Dahaaka – Lead Guitar
Soulburner – Rhythm  Guitar
Warlord – Drums
Trotgoh – Bass Guitar


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