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Grind Zero -Forceful Dismemberment

Forceful Dismemberment is a fantastic EP from Italian death metal band Grind Zero. The three songs set the stage for what will most likely be a legendary death metal album. Each of the songs is filled with dynamic time changes, blistering riffs, and deep emotion. They are certainly not trying to be just another cookie cutter band in an over saturated death metal scene, where too many bands sound alike. Grind Zero has similarities, of course, but I always felt a sense of purpose. These songs are deeper. Not one breakdown or riff was there simply to lead to another one. Each one had its own importance in the song. These are very well constructed songs. You feel the anger while you listen. It is an assault on your emotions. Vocalist Marco Pirais has great dictation and range, while always staying in the parameters of death metal; the same can be said for the whole band. Grind Zero is trying to transcend the genre. Wrap the whole thing up in fantastic production values and you have a demo worthy to be among the best. I only have so many superlatives I can use describe how much I like this demo. These are the three best death metal songs I have heard so far this year, simple as that.




1. Blood Soaked Ground

2. Extra Life Disease

3. War for War




Marco – Vocals

Mr. D. – Guitars

Udo – Guitars

Alex – Bass

Matteo – Drums



Rating: 8 out of 10


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