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GRIND ZERO was born in late 2011, when long-time friends Alex Colombo and Udo Usvardi decided to start a new project playing the music they liked most, the music they grew up with, the music with old-school attitude.


In Jan. 2012 Mr.D. (aka Dhilorz of Ancient) joined as guitarist speeding up the writing process and filling GZ’s riffing with his influences.


Alessandro “Rullo” Durini (drums) and Marco Piras (vocals) teamed up with GZ shortly after to complete the line up.


Spring 2012 was finally time to bring the band on stage, so at the end of April 2012 GRIND ZERO supported Entombed during their Italian show and shortly after they shared the stage with the Norwegian acts Diskord and Execration and played several more shows with other underground bands around the north of Italy.


With 9 songs ready, GRIND ZERO entered Alpha-Omega studios and started the recording of their debut album, ready to unleash the GRIND ZERO sound.


The promo “Forceful Displacement” was released on April 2013 when GZ had the chance to support thrash-metal gods Possessed at their Italian gig.


The promo contains 3 of the 9 songs recorded.


On May 2014 Grind Zero have become part of the Mighty Music roster! Their first album “Mass Distraction” has been released on the 14th of July 2014. Get it!


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