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Graveyard Ghoul

The Living Cemetery”


Graveyard Ghoul - The Living Cemetery

This is the second album released in February 20, 2014 by Final Gate Records, with the same line of the previous album but in this new recording, Tyrantor, besides of playing drums now helps in the voices of some songs giving more variety to the band, this time we have intro and 10 songs for 31 minutes long.


In this production we have more elaborate compositions, some very short grindcore style, others more than 4 minutes, a powerful sound while retaining the same line as its predecessor with doom parts and changes to fast rhythms, even a noticeable influence on some songs by Hellhammer.




1. Lunatic Possession

2. Living Cemetery

3. Vomit to the Grave

4. Scraping From a Coffin

5. Who Goes There

6. Putrid Stench of Death

7. Secrecy of Dying Flesh

8. Rotten Gore Excrements Whore

9. Sentenced to the Knife

10. Funeral Priest



Top songs: Lunatic Possession, Vomit to the Grave, Who Goes There, Putrid Stench of Death,




Tyrantor – Vocals/Drums

Disgracer – Vocals/Guitars

Tombcrusher – Bass


Rating: 8 out of 10


Graveyard Ghoul

Tomb of the Mouldered Corpses”


Graveyard Ghoul - Tomb of the Mouldered

Graveyard Ghoul is a young German classic Death Metal band formed in 2011.


“Thomb of the mouldered Corpses” is their debut album recorded by Disgracer on vocals and guitars, Tyrantor on drums and Hooded Tombcrusher on bass, released on November 5, 2012 by the German label Final Gate Records ..


It consists of Intro and 9 songs with a duration of 29 minutes, a clear influence of Death and Autopsy in the early recordings.


Starts with a macabre introduction otherworldly sounds that carries you to a cemetery where you’ll find tunes dire death reminded me of the background music of Return to Castle Wolfenstein mission: the crypts, with mysterious sounds and voices from beyond the grave.


The band creates macabre ambient in their compositions with time variations ranging from doom rhythms with dark passages until drum discharges, great guitar riffs, songs with average of 3 minutes.


This album ends with the song “Walking Death” sort of outro that spans more than 6 minutes repeating the same pace countless times, in my opinion after 2 minutes this track becomes boring.



1. Voices from Beyond

2. Poetry of Death

3. Tomb of the Mouldered Corpses

4. Savage Note of Disease

5. Splattered Body

6. Absolute Dead

7. Rotten Death

8. Violent Beast

9. Black Lagoon

10. Walking Dead



Top songs: Poetry of Dead, Tomb of the mouldered Corpses, Savage Note of Disease




Tyrantor – Vocals/Drums

Disgracer – Vocals/Guitars

Tombcrusher – Bass



Rating: 8 out of 10


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