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Graftage is an English word that means grafting.


The Graftage in agronomy is an operation that allows you to combine two physically bionti thus multiplying their possibilities, a good graft brings many advantages, the grafted plants influence

each other improving itself.


Graftage is the result of grafting, the graft is operated by its two components Blackheart and Jo. Graftage, take shape from an idea of “Batti” Blackheart ,in summer of 2011. And ‘in fact at that time that Blackheart takes the decision to transform his solo project, where he has accumulated ideas too personal to be expressed in other contexts, in a duo project.


Blackheart turns to the drummer Jo: to grow project need a person who knows how to appreciate the work already done and is able to “engage” perfectly, enriching and supplementing. Having already worked together in another group death black (Stormrising) and having mutual trust, the project will start immediately.


Transforming the old riffs and new compositions into something more complete and articulated, in fact, the two musicians distort the ideas of origin and opt for writing a true concept album. This has required considerable effort on the part of both and certainly much longer than they had expected.


The result is a personal engagement of the compositions of Blackheart and rhythmic Jo, plug that extends to the issues and the rest of the work that you will see.

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