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Embodiment of Death”


Gorephilia - Embodiment of Death

Embodiment of Death is the first full-length release by Finnish death metal band Gorephilia, and it might be lacking a little in variety, but it makes up for it with raw, and brutal playing. This a vicious album that takes a little while to show itself as something more than “just another” death metal act. The first two songs charge out of the gate with fast and ferocious blast beat drumming and blazing fast guitar riffs. The deep vocals are lacking a little power and are slightly under whelming, but musically this record shines. I must admit, at first I assumed this album might be a monotonous affair, the tempo changes in the first to songs seemed somewhat forced and unnecessary, once I got to the song Forget Mortality, the record started to show itself by adding diversity to the song structure and tempo. Crushing guitar riffs accompanied by some shredding riffs give the playing life. The band can pull off any speed they play flawlessly but they are at their best when the tempo is slow and doomy. Allowing for some inventively creative drumming that never feels forced or feels like drummer Tommi Makkonen is overplaying. This is a good start for a band I feel could do great things in the future. Give this record a little time to grow on you. The singing might be a little repetitive, but everything gets stronger as the record plays on. This is a fairly standard death metal album, and you certainly won’t throw out you whole collection of death metal albums, but this one will fit right in.




1. Pantheon in Flames

2. 7 Gates, 7 Spheres

3. Forget Mortality

4. Gods Stand Aghast

5. Exist to Suffer

6. Bloodspawn

7. Saints Without Souls

8. Vision of Hell








Henu – Vocals
Jukka – Guitar
Jussi – Guitar
Tami – Bass
Kauko – Drums



Rating: 7 out of 10


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