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Ingredere In Templum Satanae”


Godless - Ingredere in Templum Satanae

Okay here it goes Venom with Bathory with opera voice added. My favorite is Satanic Rites. It’s old school black metal. It brings me back in the day when black metal was true and raw. You need this CD even to piss off your boss. I love the intro very original, the drummer plays all styles of drumming. The vocalist has a lot of raw power and is original, I feel like a vampyre back in the dark times. Every song on here is different and has everything you want in a black metal band. I respect your band a lot. I’m getting this CD when I get a chance. I’ll take it with me while I’m on tour.




1. Ingredere In Templum Satanae

2. Devil’s Induced Suicide

3. Ancient Screams Of A Wrathful Vengeance

4. Felo De Se

5. I Am The Shadow Of Death

6. Atavism Through Lycanthropism

7. Anti-Cosmic Misanthropia

8. Satanic Rites






Gröfaz a.k.a. Asaradel – All Instruments/Vocals
Jenseits(Dark Tribe) – Tortured Vocals
Bastiaan Brussaard(Sinister) – Guest Guitar Solos

Guest Musicians:
Bill”Belial”Koblak(Lethal Prayer/Acheron/Incantation/Nocturnus/Warkult) – Acoustic Guitars:”Akkad”(“Adricanorum Dumaso” CD)
Dana Duffey(Mythic/Demonic Christ) – Guest Vocals:”Church Arsonist”(“Church Arsonist”CD)
Peter Laustsen(When Nothing Remains/Nox Aurea/The Cold Existence/Rimfrost) – Guest Bass:”…For Satan”(“Rusty Axe Records Compilation volume 4”)
Herr Asmodeus(Wake To The Mourning) – Guest Vocals:”I Am Satan”(“Therianthropic Lust”EP)
Bastiaan Brussaard(Sinister) – Guest Guitar Solos(“Ingredere In Templum Satanae”CD)



Rating: 9 out 10


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