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Bless You All is the first EP to be released by Spanish death metal band Gloom. As far as I am concerned, …Bless You All should be a full-length album. With seven songs, this is a fantastic thirty minutes of spectacular death metal. This is yet another band staying within the boundaries of the genre and trying to perfect it. This EP is not perfect, but it is really good. I am most impressed by vocalist Necroeheiim. His delivery is deep, commanding, and powerful. As good as he is as a death metal singer, he is an equally good black metal singer and he can change between the two styles effortlessly. He adds a stunning dynamic to this band. Ayuso on drums also jumps styles of play flawlessly. His drumming is brilliant. His snare drum has incredible pop to it. He does a great job of holding everything together. And the duel guitar attack of Fer and Maiki is a dazzling array of heavy riffs fiercely interwoven together to form some intense songs. I think that word can sum up this whole EP. It is Intense and exhilarating from start to finish. …Bless You All might not break the death metal mold, but I could easily see it becoming the new mold for how to build a death metal band. This EP is epic professional quality, the whole way through.



1. End of the Wicked

2. Coltan

3. X Way

4. Dark Side of the Desmodronic Pantheon

5. Dies Nefastus

6. Evil Fuels (Re-recorded 2011)

7. Moebyus Sindrome (Re-recorded 2011)




Carols Ayuso – Drums

Fer – Guitars

Maiki – Guitars

Necroseheiim – Vocals

Manuel Pozo – Bass



Rating: 8 out of 10


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