Furian Review


Walking in the Air

Christmas Single

PYAR Records

Release Date: 10th December 2016

By: Pagan Hel

Furian – Bradford/Liverpool



Genre: Hard Rock/Post Hard Core




“Furian were formed in August 2014 and are a hybrid of all that they believe is good in music and with diverse vocal, drums and guitar work that ranges from roaring to heart-wrenching, Furian deliver a sound like no other to seize the listener. Don’t take our word for it though. Go and listen to the music!”


Well, Christmas is definitely here with bands all wanting to throw out Christmas releases and one of those bands are Furian, who have gone one better and released the track ‘Walking in the Air’ on the internet, but only when you sign up to their mailing list can you get it for nowt – and the best bit is there is no Aled Jones in sight!

This version begins with a dream-like concoction and then explodes into a strange, slightly dub, rock and everything else the band can throw into the mix. You can still hear what the track is with some very high pitched vocals, but not all the way through you will be pleased to hear.

Furian, are just one of those bands that just get straight into the throng and deliver some very unusual music. In the first place, to take on this Christmas classic has taken a lot of nerve indeed, but it isn’t without its heavy bits incorporated with classical components as well as ambience.

I think if something like this had been released first, I doubt Aled Jones would have attempted to sing it! But the guys have got into the Christmas spirit, (probably too much spirit has been consumed here) but give them their due, it’s different! Especially the heavy guttural vocals which really add depth to this once sweet and sickly track.

You too can own a copy when you join their mailing list, and if it floats your boat then head on over to the band’s page – link is here: http://eepurl.com/b9fjxz  so no excuses, and sign up. Simple! It’s Christmas after all, so why not add this track to your ever growing music collection and sing along!







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