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In the winter of 1990 the band Necrowolf was born a Slayer/Celtic Frost/Kreator satanic thrash band which ended in 1993 due to the death of its bass player this was the roots of funeral eve which started in 1994 with the sole member Daemonium performing and recording a demo which is no longer in circulation (due to it sucks) few people got hold of this demo and in the time from 1994-1997 Daemonium worked solely on new music/lyrics for the band dubbed FUNERAL EVE in 1998 he got in touch with Lord Sedit from evil divine through friends in the underground scene and expressed to him his ideas to form a band thus Lord Sedit and Daemonium started Funeral Eve along with other members of the PA/NJ metal underground and released the demo FUCK NORWAY in summer 1999 due to internal problems the line up broke up and Daemonium once again was on his own taking time from summer 1999 after fuck Norway to winter 99 to put out the demos Hymns for hell (Lord Blood drums,Daemonium- guitar/vox/bass), Angelfuck EP (Daemonium all instruments), War and Fucking Armageddon cycle I: Desecration (featuring the bassist Lord Shadow and drummer Lord Blood) each containing new songs and different line ups of session/friends musicians after war and fucking Armageddon Lord Shadow left Funeral Eve to follow his own endeavors in metal only to return may2000 to write the music with Daemonium for the EP NECROWULF-INTO THE ABYSS in the meantime Lord Sedit had left Funeral Eve to pursue his own way in metal as he’d not been active in the band since the FUCK NORWAY demo had been recorded due to difference with Daemonium in summer of 2000 the Cult CD comp of the original demos was released with help from Lord Akhhakaru (of a PA black metal band) into the world and sold and traded with other bands and fans of extreme black metal (and is no longer available) In the meantime Lord Shadow and Daemonium worked hard to secure a drummer and finally in November 2000 they acquired the beast known as LORD CHOAS on drums the new line up of FUNERAL EVE is now working on the new demo/live EP SERPENT SHADOWS OF THE CRUCIFIX and warming up for live shows they’ve been offered with other NJ black metal bands and writing music for the full length album EMPIRE OF FORGOTTEN SOULS-HOWLING OF THE HAUNTED due out 2001 only to come more live shows and more records.

Funeral Eve

6 Greenvale Road

Moorestown, NJ 08057

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