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Summon: How did the band get started? Tell me some history on the band.

Daemonium: The band started in 1990 under the name Necrowulf it had a totally different line up then now back then it was old school thrash like Kreator/Celtic Frost/Slayer/Morbid Angel with a large satanic influence and we did a few live shows around here, our town and did one very bad sounding demo then broke up in 1993. I was alone working on the supposed Necrowulf material and I decided to change the name to Funeral Eve and wrote under that name and got in touch with Lord Sedit through a friend and told him of my idea the band and all he rounded up a few people well known in the PA metal scene and the line up that did the Cult demo “Fuck Norway” then we did one show and broke up I countied Funeral Eve myself with session members putting out 3 demos Hymns for Hell, Angelfuck Ep, War and Fucking Armaggedon Cycle I: Desecration then this mid summer I contacted lord Sedit again who is in Vukdolak and expressed how I wished to work with him again now that he wasn’t so busy as he used to be in Evil divine and has now left funeral eve due to differences between him and I the line up is Lord shadowIV string fist fucking of the angels Lord Choas in human battery I found both in the depths of the woods and instantly asked htem if they wanted to join a band whose point is to crush the irrational plauge of christians they both joined with fire in their hearts



Summon: What type of music do you guys play?

Daemonium: Raw hateful black metal in the old school vein. No lame pusedo opera shit or any of that, just vile black metal that crushes the feeble morals of Jehovah and his maggot son.



Summon: Where did you get the band name from?

Daemonium: From the depths of a waking dream I had once while near the compsanto when the seductive night air had caracessed my mind and heart.



Summon: What is your opinion on death metal bands? What is your opinion on the conflict of Black Metal Vs Death Metal?

Daemonium: It’s lame I’ve been in both. I enjoy both music equally both are full of hatred and aggression and black/death share the same roots in ways I care not to elaborate cause if you don’t understand then I feel sorry for you.



Summon: So tell me about the new Demo/CD you have out?

Daemonium: The new CD out is a collection of our early demos all but the rare Angelfuck EP put onto CD with a bit of sound upgrade still raw and grim as the darkness that engulfs the world when the sun dies.



Summon: Who writes most of the music?

Daemonium: It’s been just me with session members I write the music and lyrics.



Summon: Where do you get your lyric ideas from?

Daemonium: Satanism, my own beliefs and perceptions, my ethnic occult background.



Summon: So are you Satanist?

Daemonium: Yes I am one of the superior horde the la vey school of Satanism that is all I wish to speak on the subject.



Summon: If you could while you were playing would you have a satanic ritual going on?

Daemonium: No these things are private and not mean to be exploited like Christianity is. It is no game show like the church.



Summon: What is your opinion on grave desecrations and church burnings?

Daemonium: Church burnings are pure work of Satan grave desecration is just plain stupid it means nothing unless you killed the person and are going to wear their bones as a trophy and key to power.



Summon: If you could without getting caught would you burn down a church

Daemonium: This is things I’d rather discuss in print as they’re personal.



Summon: What do you think of the US Black Metal scene?

Daemonium: The scene in way of bands it thriving with such names as Kult ov Azazel, Dominuim, Vukodlak, Abazagorath, Engorge, Bloodthorn, Bloodstorm. All who I;ve met and seen play live HAILS to you ture warriors of the darkness.



Summon: What do you think of the Norweigian and Swedish scenes? And do you think the U.S. will become more popular?

Daemonium: It’s not of popularity it’s of sticking it out no changing to make the $$$ with pusedo black metal bullshit those scenes are well….. I have favorites in both and many disappointments.



Summon: What are some of your influences?

Daemonium: Kreator, Celtic Frost, Black Sabbath, Morbid Angel, Slayer, Mayhem, Darkthrone, Burzum, Impaled Nazerene, Motorhead, Sodom, Iron Maiden, Von, Profantica, Gorogorth..old school metal the list can go on forever.



Summon: Would you play with a Christian Metal band?

Daemonium: Never.



Summon: Do feel that Christians are weak?

Daemonium: The only way we would “play a show with them” as their violent tormentors bring then bloodshed and fear, yes, very easy minded unfocused and fools the most pitful creations of human flesh.



Summon: What is the band like live?

Daemonium: We’ve only played live once it was very tight and violent. I (we at that point) let the music talk. We’re tight and fucking dark. We’re playing dec23rd at connections in clifton NJ. This will be the first live show with the new line up.



Summon: Do you guys wear corpse paint or do you stay away from that?

Daemonium: HELL YES I wear corpse paint, spikes, leather, knives, our cross of mockery the bones of the fallen, the others dress like metal head of the olden days which is alright with me. As they’re true old schoolers.



Summon: Do you feel that corpse paint and spikes and all that gear is part of black metal?

Daemonium: Yes in the show aspect and its shame my fellow demons don’t feel the same way but their skills. In music make up for it musically it is different. It’s very important the corpse paint it makes you one with the dark emotions your summoning and spreading like a wave of plague carrying rats.



Summon: Are you guys gonna start playing live now that the CD is out?

Daemonium: To me it is to others I don’t know. Never again live sucked too many hassles.



Summon: Why if I may ask?

Daemonium: Christians, trendies, bad power supply equipment (i.e fucked up extension cords) too many hassles finding the other band members is the biggest one when time comes for the show.



Summon: Okay so agree with bands like Abigor to not play live then?

Daemonium I agree with darkthrone but my view has changed due to the new line up we have is very tight and steady and fucking evil so we must play live now to show the unbelivers we are the true embodiemnt of the fist of satan the rides of armaggedons whirlwinds.



Summon: Okay and what does the future hold for the band

Daemonium: The new record and more blasphemy for the hordes to engulf and possibly a collection of rare shit a fullength in the year 2001 and as many live shows as possible to spread the fucking plauge of Funeral Eve.



Summon: Any last words?






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*Funeral Eve has split up*

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