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The North Winds Rend Flesh”


Frosthelm - The Northwinds Rend Flesh

While this is only a four song EP, Frosthelm has dropped some seriously bad ass drives into a short amount of space. The recording and songs are super tight. But the highlight for me here are the vocals. While Tyler Pfliger growls are truly brutal and resonate, his high bite attack has a truly psychotic sound and I could ask for nothing more. These are the kind of vocals I can listen to all day.

While there are Black Metal elements, it is the Thrash elements that score big. It has been a long time since I heard a really headbanging EP like this. 


The guitar tones are heavy and proficient. The drums have a real solid thick sound and the kicks stand out but blended perfect in the mix. 


North Winds Rend Flesh is in the HIGHLY RECOMMEND category. Pick this one up.




1. The Northwinds Rend Flesh

2. Goblindriver

3. Reaping the Seeds of Corruption

4. Damage Over Time




Jim Cherry – Bass

Ji Peterson – Drums

Dakota Irwin – Guitars

Tyler Pfliger – Vocals

Shannon Frye – Drums



Rating: 9 out of 10

~Alaric Barca

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