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Foul Stench- eternal Rot


Foul Stench is a death metal band out of Ohio. 13 Track, Eternal Rot is a full-length from 2010. This band is really awesome I must say. The music is very brutal and the growling in the song yet you can still understand what they are saying the songs. I highly recommend if you haven’t checked out this band that you do so. Some of my favorite songs of this album are Flood of Blood, Fist of Shit and Fukd. Not to mention the album title is an awesome track as well.



1. Violation

2. Consumed

3. The Drip

4. Frozen

5. Fukd

6. Fist of Shit

7. Flood of Blood

8. Sores

9. Sick

10. Taste of Fate

11. Noose

12. Eternal Rot

13. Packin’ Puss



Rotting Limb – Bass

Stool Sample – Drums

Rotten Innards – Guitars

King Stench – Guitars/Vocals


Rating: 9 out 10


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