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Forgotten Deity - Silent Forest

You can call this Dungeon Synth or Ambient Black Metal but what I hear is Angelo Badalamenti. In the case of Land of Out Fathers the opening tone of the keyboards is 100% Twin Peaks. Dreamworld  should totally remind you of the lamenting of Laura Palmer.


Forgotten Deity is a one man band from Poland. I was unable to dig up much about Adam Te. 


The music is absolutely lovely. The vocals, dark and drowned in effects come across more like voice overs, added to enhance the musical story. The album is predominantly instrumental and when the vocals happen it is not the patterned verse chorus etc. 


If you are looking for a break from blast fests or want to foster a dark somber mood than I would RECOMMEND checking out Forgotten Deity.




1. Frozen Forest (Intro)

2. Beauty of Nature

3. Cold Wind

4. Forest Silence

5. Land of Our Fathers

6. Winter Night

7. Dreamworld (Outro)




Adam Te – All Instruments/Vocals



Rating: 8 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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