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The Stranger End of Death”


Foreshadow - The Stranger End Of Death

5 track EP from this Florida, USA based band. I must admit at the very first listen to this I was not interested at all. But then I listened again and again. It began to grow on me. The first revelation was the vocalist’s approach. Kind of reminds me of Suparation. Next I realized that Rich Hudson is a really solid drummer. Guitars and Bass are heavy and at times very well thought out and written. I will not lie and say that when the band goes Southern Metal or Metalcore that I do get turned off. Other than that, “The Stranger End of Death” is a decent release. The last 2 minutes of “Meaning of Life” is pretty heavy. “Death by Medicine” is definitely the best track on this. Lyrics on this release are intelligent. Lose the Metalcore and Southern parts and I’d be in awe. But to each their own.



1. The Meaning of Life

2. War Without End

3. The Stranger Within

4. Art of Hate

5. Death by Medicine

6. The Meaning of Life (Live)

7. Art of Hate (Live)

8. Death by Medicine (Live)



Daniel McConaghy – Vocals

Aaron Robinson – Guitars

Richard Hudson – Drums

Nathan Martinez – Bass


Rating: 8 out of 10

~Rob of Necrodemon

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