Summon: How did the band get started? How did you meet and how long have you been together?
Rich: Well me and the drummer Dave has a band called Burial (90-92) we lost our bass and guitarist in October 92′ and then searched for about 5 to 6 months and went through a few guitarist and then Steve tried out and everything clicked. He picked the music up quickly and we decided to start writing and me, Steve and the drummer have been together for four years now.



Summon: How would you describe your music?
Rich: Our music is basically Grind to groove riffs that are catchy and stick in your head.



Summon: What are your biggest musical influences?
Rich: This is a very hard question for me because I am influenced by so many types of music. I love music period. Almost everything besides Country and rap shit.



Summon: Who if, if any do you consider the bands idols?
Rich: I really don’t idolize any bands. I like a lot of shit but I guess I don’t personally have any idols. My guitarist does idolize Kiss. He is a die hard Kiss fan to the end.



Summon: What made you want to be in the band? And if you weren’t in the band what would you want to be doing now?
Rich: I’ve always wanted to play in a band. When I was 12 all my friends played Rock N’ Roll and Heavy Metal and I thought it was great to grab a distorted guitar and whale out some riffs. And if I don’t have band and music I have no clue that I would be doing.



Summon: What are some of your favorite bands that are really popular today?
Rich: Broken Hope, Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Internal Bleeding, Oppressor, Deeds of Flesh, Crytopsy.



Summon: How many demos/albums do you have? Tell me about them.
Rich: We have two demos out 93′ Holy Pedophile. Sold of 2000 copies and for some reason is still selling strong. And the second demo Sorrow Breeds Hatred Bleed on Me is over 1000.



Summon: If you could play with any band who would it be and why?
Rich: This is kinda a hard question for I don’t really have a preference on who we tour with. But it would be cool to tour with bands like Suffocation, Deicide or Broken Hope. We have played shows already with these bands and they are really fun to play with and party with, just good time all around. But I would be happy to tour with such bands like Obituary, Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse basically any band that is good and has a descent draw



Summon: Who writes the majority of the music?
Rich: That would be a studio Steve has has a natural thing that him and the drummer do to write and arrange new riffs. But all the new shit has been a joint effort the whole bands has been writing riffs and helping arrange our new shit. And you will see the progression in our new material.



Summon: Who has been the favorite band you’ve played with? Why?
Rich This question I basically already answered in question 9. Suffocation, Broken Hope, Deicide. And underground bands like Lividity, Deaden, Jungle Rot, Num Skull, Sodomized, Dying Fetus, Internal Bleeding, Desimeter. There are so many to list we have a lot of connections and friends in the underground.



Summon: Where did you get the band name from?
Rich: Well Steve wanted something gory and I wanted something grind in it. SO I said let’s call out band Fleshgrind. He said great.



Summon: Describe what the band is like live?
Rich: Intense we pride ourselves on good stage presence we move around a lot and continue to slam our heads through the whole set. I hate when you go to a show and the bands stand there like a lump of shit, it’s boring to watch them.



Summon: If you are gonna do any kind of video what would be in it?
Rich: Gory and sick with some cool hallucinations and effects.



Summon: Are there any tour plans made, if so tell me about them?
Rich: No, not right now. But we are playing all over the states on weekend gigs for now. Hopefully something will happen this fall.



Summon: Where do you think the band will be in 20 years from now?
Rich: Good question. I don’t know probably long gone by then.





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