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FlesHarvest combines the rawness of thrash, the power of death, the speed of shred and the darkness of black metal all into one incredibly powerful package. The band comes from multiple backgrounds, but we all share the same definite passion for the music we play.


Originally called “Torch,” FlesHarvest was born in 2007, and in 2008 the line-up was simplified to a three-piece. Even with just three musicians FlesHarvest’s songs brutalize and awe crowds all over the Central Florida area.


Torch is the front including brutal vocals and speedy bass lines that push the rhythms of FlesHarvest beyond a lack of comprehension.


Xtian adds the South American, Brazilian Thrash influence to FlesHarvest – his tribal beats and speedy fills energize riffs.


Jer is the complementary lead six-string with an experienced searing tone and a neo-classical approach to metal guitar.


FlesHarvest is heavy, intense, and yet, melodic. FlesHarvest has unique sound, dedication and talent. Speed, melody, technicality and brutality are a MUST!


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