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Final Drive - Lifeswork

The name may not be totally appropriate. Why? This band understands how to create intense drives. Even better how to keep it heavy and listenable between drives. While they are described as Southern Thrash Groove I hear some progression on a little bit of the Nu Metal sound like Slipknot not Black Dahlia. There just is flairs of it here and there. That is not a bad thing, because even if you are a Metal Head and dislike Nu Metal it is hard to not find something bad ass by Slipknot. I have referred to them to much. You will not listen to this band and think Slip. Listen to the drums and rhythm and you may hear what I hear. This also does not sound too digital either.


The vocals are brutal, heavy with rasp and sting. They play a perfect part in the overall punch of some very well arranged tunes to really band your head to. The guitars are heavy, and one of the things I love about the guitar in the songs is you don’t get an over abundance of high end squealing riffwork. They are low end grooves that really work.


I don’t think I can sell this CD enough. I highly recommend you check these guys out. You are gonna love it start to finish, this a solid Cd.




1. Run For Your Life
2. No Tomorrow
3. Training Wheels
4. Through You (I Came to Fight)
5. Ever Get It
6. Buried In You
7. Ghostrider
8. Heights
9. Exit Underground
10. No Stop Now
11. Just Got Paid




Nathan Easter – Guitars

Chris Nanney – Guitars

Jordan Gaw – Vocals
Twitter & Instagram: @jordangaw

Alex Wheeler – Drums
Twitter & Instagram: @DW_drummer

Ray Tucker – Bass



Rating: 9 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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