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Not content to simply follow in the footsteps of the great black metal bands to come before, Fhoi Myore is here to try and re-write the book on how black metal should be played. This is a band that combines the raw, low fidelity roots of black metal with a modern day sense of writing and musical structure, but always keeps itself focused. The result is a record that is very well constructed and preformed. It keeps the savage style of old with its shredding, razor sharp speed and blasting drums, but also, injects true musical feeling to lift each song. There is some truly emotional and deep guitar playing in the form of incredible riffs. Uniting with the ferocious; truly wicked and feral sounding singing and thunderous drumming, you have a match that goes deeper than the average black metal album. Fhoi Myore is a black metal band from France and their 2012 self-titled full-length album is a fascinating journey through the hopeless. This is a flowing, somber, thick, and dense album of extraordinary black metal. The primal, high pitched, and raspy singing style of lead vocalist Sreng is very reminisced of classic black metal greats like Hat (early Gorgoroth). Lay that singing style over deep and moving songs that never get stale and you have an album that is worthy to stand tall among its contemporaries as a brilliant piece of art. There are a lot of different feelings and emotions emanating from Fhoi Myore. It is equal parts vicious and gloomy; always disguises its sadness through blistering playing and brilliant song writing. With ten songs that stretch just passed the fifty-minute mark, this is a long journey that never becomes tedious or loses any of the power. Fhoi Myore keeps its strength. This album may not re-write the book on how black metal should be played, but Fhoi Myore are here to add their own brilliant chapter.




1. Drum & Horn

2. I’m the Master of Hounds

3. Caer Malhod

4. Errances

5. Sreng of the VII Swords

6. The One Eyed

7. Forest

8. My Blood Is Made of Sap

9. Linceul Glacial – Gaynor

10. Songs Funestes







Kerennos – Bass

Balahr – Guitars

Sreng – Vocals

Bress – Drums



Rating: 9.5 out of 10


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