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Fhoi Myore is a french Black Metal band that released its first demo in 2009. The music is influenced by good old school black metal such as first Gorgoroth albums. Inspiration comes from various readings either in the fantasy area (Fhoi Myore appear in Michael Moorcock’s “Corum”), science (chaos theories) and some more personal feelings.


A collaboration with Darkenhöld on a split CD (2009) and a first EP released on Broken Limbs Recordings (2011) were followed by their debut album, which was released on Ancestrale Production in 2012. After presenting their work on many gigs and even a tour with Angmar, the band collaborated with Pestiferum to release a new split CD (2013) on Ossuaire Records. Artwork is designed in collaboration with their close friend and session guitarist Ted from the band Wyrms, with which they plan to release a split album in the upcoming year.


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