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Fhoi Myore & Pestiferum

La Forme Creatrice Du Chaos/ Le Chaos Religieux”


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French black metal masters Fhoi Myore and Pestiferum have compiled a spilt album titled La Forme Creatrice Du Chaos/ Le Chaos Religieux. This is simply a phenomenal split from two phenomenal bands. Fhoi Myore and Pestiferum have enough in common for this spit to work, but also there is enough of a difference for each to stand apart. It never feels like there is a superior band. Each band has a slightly different feel and style to them. Fhoi Myore is a fierce and vicious black metal band combining the best of savage black metal with their own sense of style and brilliant, emotionally heavy song writing. There is growth here in only a year after their extraordinary self-titled album from 2012. The five songs on Fhoi Myore’s half of the split are long, dense and packed full of style. They are constantly moving and evolving. Nothing lingers.


Not to be outdone, Pestiferum have put together five outstanding songs for their half of the split that flow along with Fhoi Myore. But, these songs succeed for different reasons. Periferum’s half is a more primal black metal, slightly lower fidelity. The attention to song writing is first and foremost on both halves. Pestiferum controls the tempo in their songs, jumping speeds. One thing this split does well is keep the same emotional tone the whole way through. Pestiferum has a less grand feel overall, but a strong focus on blistering songs that swing from savage to somber. I find the most attractive parts of metal in the deep feelings the band emanates. The stronger the feeling, the better the band can become. Pestiferum can slow things down to only a guitar riff and mire everything in dark feelings. These two bands are professional quality. It shows through not only their incredible song writing, but also the surge from one band to another. From bands this professional, we should expect nothing less.




1. Fhoi Myore – Blood, Flesh and Bones

2. Fhoi Myore – Beyond the Multiverses

3. Fhoi Myore – Destruction

4. Fhoi Myore – L’Enfer blanc

5. Pestiferum – Nazareth en fammes

6. Pestiferum – Pures, ardentes et immortelles

7. Pestiferum – Nous otera la lumiere

8. Pestiferum – Dans le fruit est le ver







Members of Fhoi Myore:

Kerennos – Bass

Balahr – Guitars

Sreng – Vocals

Bress – Drums



Members of Pestiferum:

Necrophorus Humator – Guitars

La Fomoire – Guitars

Spernax l’Abject – Vocals

Scarias – Drums

Balkor – Bass




Fhoi Myore – 9 out of 10

Pestiferum – 9 out of 10

Overall – 9 out of 10


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