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Festering - From the Grave

Festering is a Portuguese band that first formed in 1992 releasing one demo that year and then going on hiatus for the next twenty years. In 2011 the band reformed around the only original member from 1992, bass player Koja Mutilator. The new version of Festering released their first demo in 2012 titled From The Grave, and while it might not be set to take the metal world by storm, From The Grave is a worthwhile collection of creative songs. Festering are labeled a death metal band, but listening to this demo, I feel they are closer associated with thrash metal with a little death metal thrown in for variety. Songs like Myth of Creation have strong headbanging grooves that lift the body of the song by injecting diversity from both genres of metal. But there is also enough musical variety and clever guitar work to keep this demo interesting the whole way through. Songs like Proliferation of Infected Leucocytes and Ascent of the Blessed are contently evolving while keeping the soul of the song in tack through driving riffs and some heavy emotion. The music can switch at will and become very somber. One of the real death metal elements is singer Pedro Goncalves. He has a very labored delivery, but it works here. He lacks the deep booming power but he makes up for it with the harshness he puts into each song. He is a little one note, but he finds the right note here. Festering is in the process of resurrection and the aptly named From the Grave is a great start. The creative energy is flowing for this group again. Now I hope they can build on this demo, because after listening to From The Grave it is obvious this group has the ability.




1. Bloodline

2. Infected

3. The Myth of Creation

4. Consuming from Within

5. Proliferation of Infected Leucocytes

6. Ascent of the Blessed







Koja Mutilator – Bass/Vocals

Joao Galego – Guitars

Pedro Goncalves – Vocals

Arrno Maalm – Drums



Rating: 7.5 out of 10


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