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Father Befouled - Revulsion of Seraphic Grace

There are some bands that do not wish to change the formula when it comes to death metal. Sometimes the standard sound is good enough to run with. Father Befouled is a death metal band that comes to us from Atlanta, Georgia. Revulsion of Seraphic Grace is this group’s third full-length album, and sadly the albums name is far more interesting than anything that exists within. This is not a bad record, it is just uninspired, and while nothing creative or inventive jumps out at the listener, maybe that was the point. This is a death metal record that is happy to fit in with the crowd, made for a crowd that only came to mosh. Musically, there is nothing here you haven’t heard elsewhere. The band can jump from fast, mid, or slow tempo beats, all the while keeping their sound straight forward death metal. The playing on this record is fairly one note. Vocalist JBS has a deep, menacing delivery to his singing but lacks “in your face” power. The best moments on the album are when the band slows this down and makes their death metal a little doomy. Song like Desacrament shows off how well the band can work with a slower tempo. The most intriguing aspect of this album is the nearly ten minute long final song Triumvirate of Liturgical Desecration. The band jumps from slow to mid tempo and really shows off their strength with a long slow death metal song that somehow never becomes boring, but maybe a little redundant. Speed does not work in their favor. When they play slowly, feelings come through their music. They become something more than a band to slam dance to. There is nothing wrong with keeping your music traditional. Many great bands work very well within the limits of the genre in with they choose to exist, and Father Befouled are almost one of them. But as it stands right now, Revulsion of Seraphic Grace is a decent album, nothing more, nothing less.




1. Indulgence of Abhorrent Prophecies

2. Irreverent Ascendancy

3. Devourment of Piety

4. Obscurance of Universality

5. Desacrament

6. Impetus to Angelic Descension

7. Triumvirate of Liturgical Desecration








Justin Stubbs – Guitar/Vocals
Rhys Spencer – Bass Guitar
Derrick Goulding – Guitar
Wayne Satantopoulos – Drums


Rating: 6.5 out of 10


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