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Fatal Error hail from Russia, and their style follows the already-too familiar formula of what is known as “Deathcore”. I could simply stop right here and leave it at that, since everything that comes to mind whenever somebody mentions the term is exactly what you can expect out of these guys. By the time “Intro [Now is the End of Days and I am the Ripper]” rolls around the 30 second mark, I started to get a bad feeling about this record; as “It”, the record’s first proper song rolls around, my feelings proved to be true. Everything about this album exhudes a sense of been-there-done-that, from the fake digital production to the feigned anger that the vocals try to project. There is maybe one nice riff, which can be found on the song “Amputated Happines”, but then the shitty sounding vocals begin and the magic is lost. The songs “Fatal Error” has a section where the bass takes over for a few seconds, which sounds good, but then the band go into a breakdown/beatdown beat that once more kills the magic of the song. I am sure the musicians are very talented, since there are areas where they sound inspired, but the tendency to follow the popular formula of dropping breakdowns every few seconds creates a feeling of sameness from one song to the next. The dry, slick, clean production sucks the life out of the musical arrangements, which makes songs even more undistinguishable from one another.




1. Intro (Now is the End of Days and I am the Ripper)
2. It
3. Human Humus
4. Amputated Happiness
5. Coronation of Suicidal Absurd
6. Fatal Error
7. Eternity of Inhumanity
8. Inconceivable… Incompatible
9. Nature Killing People
10. Kill and Die
11. Simulator of the Life




Alexey Shavrin – Guitars

Alexander Gordin – Drums

Alexey Beltukov – Bass

Vyacheslav Smirnov – Vocals



Rating: 3 out of 10


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