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Fatal Band - Cornered

Okay this band started out kind of funky then 15 seconds in it gets a bit better. but still kind of archaic in tune. but 30 seconds in it gets really good and brutal. kind of like hmm.. dying fetus in an aspect. great percussion vocals, and guitar riffs. This song would be good to go on a deployment mission in Iraq. I feel it would lead the troops to pure victory no matter where they were deployed! \m/ this is really good stuff very short song but still very well done. I think if you like death metal at all weather it be brutal or otherwise check this out. This is kind of a nice cross between brutal and technical death metal with an edge of great vocals you can hear well and understand fully. rock on guys. Fatal Band woot!



1. It’s All Over

2. Dead Civilization

3. The Antisymbol

4. Million Names, Thousand Eyes

5. Torture Killer (Six Feet Under cover)

6. Cornered

7. Reframe






Christophor Moleskin – Bass

Nikita Anulov – Drums

Leonid Vereschagin – Guitars

Jack Vegas – Vocals


Rating: 8 out 10


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