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FATAL BAND was born as a project of well-known Moscow underground metal musicians in order to incarnate their progressive, dark, evil and maniacal ideas. The mastermind of the FATAL BAND is Christophor Moleskin, who had enough material, which did not fit his main band – REST IN PAIN. In year 2004 creative guitarist DmitriyIgnatiev (TANTAL) joins the band. Also a drummer Vadim(EDUCATED SCUM) has been found.

That summer a growl-master Alexey Mironov (ex-EDUCATED SCUM, ex-ETERNAL SICK, BUTTERFLY TEMPLE) joins the band and a cover for “Tornado of Souls” to the MEGADETH tribute album. The most essential aspects of the bands style are heard on that record. During that period Ivan (NEON GUIDE) joins the band as a second vocalist to create a powerful growling section to support the strength of the sound. On year 2006-2007 after plenty of search and negotiations a drummer Nikita joins the band. In that formation Fatal BAND records “The Worst” promo.

On the year 2007 due to lack of interest to the band, both Ivan and Miron leave the band and the new blood comes in – Eugene “Jack Vegas” Tkachev. With him comes the new guitarist Ilya, an old friend of Christophor. With these guys the band plays few shows, including the Russian mini-tour with IN-QUEST (BE). Later, both of guitarists leave to have more time for their main projects and the new guitarist Leo takes their place.

On July 20-th 2010 the label MSR Productions comes the first CD of the FATAL BAND. The musical material, received concise title “Cornered”, absorbed not only the best tradition of technical death metal (Pestilence, Carcass), but with modern math-core and deathcore (ANIMOSITY, ABORTED, OBSIDIAN, BENIGHTED) and even ambient. Lyrics are dedicated to the phenomenon of the reverse side of the human mind. “Cornered” – a world of total destruction and moral decay, it is – gray skies, congested metropolitan, grim landscape of the future and the man, as the worst enemy of himself.

It was recorded in the studio Dai Records, and mixed and mastered at the infamous Navaho Hut Records. As guest musicians to work on the album was attended by: Douglas Verhoeven (lead guitar, IN-QUEST), Dmitry Ignatyev (guitar, TANTAL), Dmitry “Dimebag” Dasov (vocals, lyrics, EDUCATED SCUM).

In the year 2011 the band works on the new promo-material, which would mark the new direction in the development of the band.

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