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Fall began as a project with just me as the sole songwriter in January ’10. I got Freddy Leal to drum for the band as we’ve jammed and played music together before and our styles meshed well. We released our ’10 demo. Shortly, Javi Rodriguez joined as rhythm guitarist. We were a 3 piece for the better part of this year then David Gutierrez joined nearing the begging of ’11. This was the line-up up until August ’11 when Javi decided to part ways. Beginning of ’12 we came in contact with Jon Howard of Threat Signal whom personally knows Bjorn Strid of Soilwork. With that, plans were made to travel to Hamilton, ON for October ’12 to record the Fall EP. The EP was well received and a long-lasting relationship with Soilwork formed. Many gigs followed even a opening gig with Soilwork in ’13. In July of ’13 we gained and lost a member. Freddy decided it was time to move on from the band. Daniel Benavides joined the band as lead and rhythm guitarist. All the while plans to setup the recording for the debut album, The Insatiable Weakness were being made. We enlisted the widely talented Dirk Verbueren to session drum the entire album along with Niklas Sundin to bring the artwork and visual representation of the album to fruition. This didn’t hinder our live show as we got Marcel Biel to live session drum during this period of time up until the summer of ’14. Shortly followed, Lorenzo Perez joined to fill the slot and is our current drummer. The remaining part of ’14 and all of ’15 was filled with live shows countless visits to the studio to finish our debut album. Now at December ’15 we are anxiously awaiting the release of┬áThe Insatiable Weakness set for January 26, 2016.


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