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The story of Faethom begins in the ghoul-infested town of Cochabamba deep in the heart of Bolivia. Co-founders David Diacrono and Mariela Muerte joined their dark talents to mix that which they most love: Horror and Heavy Metal. Terror tales written by Mariela became songs. Mariela and David relocated to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where for the next couple of years they focused on recording the music to their debut concept album with Mariela handling vocals, lyrics and keyboards and David handling guitars, bass, and drum programming. By the end of 2009, they released an EP titled “Lullaby for Heathen Spawn” and enlisted the talents of Argentinean bassist Federico Vidal, and Californian drummer Thomas Wittig for the live experience. Unfortunately, Thomas parted ways with Faethom, the band recruited Colombian drummer Hermes Reyes and most recently added Chilean guitarist Fabian Lopez. Faethom has since released their first full length concept album titled “In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Unholy”.


Faethom - In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Unholy

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