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The Seed Of Foolishness”


Extrema - The Seed of Foolishness

So after track 1 I had to ask myself, did Kip Winger form a Death/Thrash Band. I almost feel like this is Italy’s answer to Baby Metal. The production is like listening to Nickleback and the melodies poppy and happy for a band who describes their themes as hate, anger and corruption. 

The musicianship is top notch and digitally overproduced. The vocals get really heavy at times, the singer has a great range but uses his powers for good and evil, that is if you consider pussified la la singing a crime punishable by death. Yes everyone on American Idol should be targets and the hunters set to kill. Over digitized harmonies, like gang vocals should be a crime. 


While it sounds like I don’t favor these guys, I have to say that  the CD starts to grow on you. The way a girl who is only nice to you because she wants something is nice to confuses the shit out of you, then in a total stupor you give in. I think Extrema wants a wide audience and to be baddass. Sorry you can’t have it both ways. I think that people like Eddie Trunk who is the biggest pussy in the whole world and hates Death Metal or any truly heavy music would find this to be a crossover album. There is enough of the Mutt Lange to summon the posers and some great guitar work and tones to satisfy those who are more musically inclined. 


Overall I hate myself for enjoying parts of the CD a lot. I will feel even worse if the songs stick in my head later and I find myself singing them.




1. Between the Lines

2. The Politics

3. Pyre of Fire

4. The Distance

5. Ending Prophecies

6. Bones

7. Again and Again

8. Deep Infection

9. Sick and Tired

10. A Moment of Truth







GL Perotti: Vocals
Tommy Massara: Guitars
Gabri Giovanna: Bass
Francesco La Rosa: Drums



Rating: 7 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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