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Disintegration Through Ritualistic Torture”


Exsanguinate - Disintegration Through Ritualistic Torture

The first full length release from Canadians Exsanguinate,Disintegration Through Ritualistic Torture, is a very crude and raw offering with a cavernous production, all working in the band’s favor. The record manages a dark, heavy atmosphere, sort of like going into a tomb and finding out that it’s full of zombies. The guitar riffs just keep coming, with some intricate stuff going on amidst all the chaos, as  a result, the music on offer beats the listener to a pulp. The one element that will definitely divide audiences, however, is the use of that infamous pig squeal vocal style, which although effective to a point, it would have been even better if the vocals were a bit more diverse. Still, the music more than makes up for it, and while there are standout riffs to be found in songs like opener “Precision Punctures for Accelerated Exsanguination”, “Engorging Existence” and “Disintegration Through Ritualistic Torture”, I find that it is best to sit down and listen to the whole record. It helps that the songs are short and that the band has crammed as many riffs as possible on each song.




1. Precision Punctures for Accelerated Exsanguination
2. Stages of Decomposition
3. Unrelenting Butchery
4. Re-Occuring Acts of Mutilation
5. Dissecting the Newborn
6. Engorging Exsistence
7. Manipulation Through Fear
8. Malevolent Entities of Perpetual Suffering
9. Disintegration Through Ritualistic Torture
10. Exsanguination Room








Fred – Drums
Jean-Francois – Guitars
Pietro – Guitars/Bass
Brian – Vocals



Rating: 7 out of 10


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