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The Beauty of Putrefaction”


Exhumed Day - The Beauty of Putrefaction

In review of the album by Exhumed Day, called “The Beauty of Putrification.”. i have found the music to be one of repetitive action throughout the album. The opening track would trick the listener into believing that the album was nothing but heavenly calm songs. Then on the second track, it feels as if your eyes and senses have been stripped of what they felt and in place of this once peaceful heaven is left a scene of destruction and gore. A sick and twisted world that screams out at you, the listener and tries to awaken the sick and twisted being inside you. At the end of the CD though, the once destructive plain of being on which you have been is once again replaced by the heavenly peaceful garden in which you were at the beginning of the album.



1. The Agony of the Death

2. From Nun to Slut

3. Infernal Troops

4. Catalepsy

5. From the Darkness Comes the Truth

6. The Punisher

7. The Beauty of Putrefaction

8. Postmortem

9. Decapitated by His Wife

10. I Always Think in Your Death

11. The Black Prophecy

12. Amnesia

13. Awakening





Exsul – Bass

J. Morgue – Guitars/Backing Vocals

Rex Mortis – Vocals

Dani – Drums


Rating: 7 out of 10

~The Silent Whisper

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