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Evil Entourage - The Opposition

When I come across music from Mexico and South American countries I find that there is an intensity and strength that is endemic and consistent. It is so consistent that I would be willing to shell out dough without even hearing the band first. Bands like Soul Eater, Raped God 666 and Sargathanas just to name a few were bands that blew me away right off and started a fascination with these bands of similar country origin. Evil Entourage has the goods as well. There is a strength and brutality brought through heavy rich guitar tones and guttural rasping vocals. There is a groove and flow to the changes in the songwriting you just go right along with.



The Opposition is an EP but when it is over you want to play it again. For me this is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED buy.




1. Insidious

2. Swathe to Blind

3. From Inside Iburn

4. Oblitus Fidei

5. True Rejected

6. Eternal Disease






Paco – Vocals
Chopper – Guitars
Dave – Drums
Paolo – Bass

Rating: 9 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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