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Eternal Armageddon

Her Forlorn Monsoon”


Eternal Armageddon - Her Forlorn Monsoon

Eternal Armageddon is a distinctly interesting black metal band from Bangladesh. Even though the bands 2011 EP titled Her Forlorn Monsoon only has three songs, it shows that this band has the potential to be a major player in the black metal community. The band shows they can jump from blazing fast to melodic effortlessly, while always staying within the black metal boundary. This EP sounds incredible too. The mix is absolutely perfect. The three songs are very well written and constructed, and each one is very different and complex. The complexities in the songs add depth and show that this band is not just trying to fit in. The guitar work is brilliant, I just wish there were more songs to enjoy by this band. This is a great start for a band that I hope will release more, but for right now, this EP will be the window showing us what this band is capable of in the future.




1. Her Forlorn Monsoon

2. Depression Infectious

3. Over Her Necropolis




Asmodeus – Vocals/Bass

Kushal Warhorse – Drums

Jamy The Armageddon – Guitars

Count Morax – Guitars



Rating: 8 out of 10


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