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“Stay Away from Evil and Get Close to Me”


Eshtadur - Stay Away From Evil and Get Close to Me

Eshtadur hail from Colombia and they play a melodic Death Metal style that is pretty much influenced by the Gothenburg style, but incorporating a bit more aggression and speed in their rhythm section. Stay Away from Evil … is the band’s second full length album, and although it has its fair share of modern influences that may turn some people away from it, the band manages to keep things interesting for those willing to give it a shot. There are piano interludes and one song, “Another Alien Messiah”, even starts out with a sitar intro that sounds pretty good. The sitar also makes an appearance on both versions of “Beyond The Shadows” (one sung in English and the other in Spanish) . On one hand, songs like “Abigor” and the title track are quite energetic, as  the band incorporates blast beats and Thrash Metal drum beats; on the other, more experimental stuff like “The Girl Who Hated a Priest” and “Take Me to the Morgue” keep listeners’ interest through the use of ambient keyboards that sound like something out of a horror movie soundtrack. What makes this album stand above other similar releases is the fact that these guys have managed to include some well played brutal parts to go alongside some of the more groove metal stuff, while making room for some musical experimentation on the side. That is no easy feat, and I hope the band keeps up this open minded attitude for their future releases.




1. Beyond the Shadows
2. Stay Away from Evil and Get Close to Me
3. Another Alien Messiah
4. Abigor
5. Nightmare in a Church
6. Son of a Witch
7. Take Me to the Morgue
8. The Girl Who Hated a Priest
9. Más allá de las sombras (Beyond the Shadows)




George Lopez – Vocals/Keyboards/Drums
Sebastian Supa – Guitars
Wilmer Herrera – Guitars
Andres Betancur – Bass



Rating: 7 out of 10


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