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In The Grip Of Chaos”


Erupted - In The Grip of Chaos

If you are a Death Metal band from Sweden you have a high benchmark and a legacy to live up to. That is true of other genres of music as well from Sweden. Erupted however have some work to do before they join these ranks. In the plus category for Erupted there are flashes of promises through out the Cd. In the minus category there is a great deal of wading through the muck to get to them. 


The guitar tones are unpleasant and at the end of Born of Hate it gets real dry and even goes out of tune. That may be what they intended but doesn’t really work. The riffs during the verses are repetitive and often boring. repetition can work it just does not do it here. 


I have said many times that range does not matter with vocals if it fits and you can sell it. But here the vocals, though guttural, are missing the magnetism and emotion I look for. 


The most solid work does seem to be with the drums. But the production does not do them justice in the mix


I have complained in the past about computer created artwork on covers, here however someone has made a scary as shit cover in this medium and I applaud them.




1. Salvation from Below

2. In the Grip of Chaos

3. Dark Mistress

4. Path of Perdition

5. Death of a Depraved Mind

6. Blazing Fall of Heaven

7. That Which is Denied Gains Power

8. Born of Hate

9. Hell Recreated (demo)

10. Faces of Death (demo)




Daniel Ocic Sundberg – Vocals
Tobias Pettersson – Guitar
Jonas Davidsson – Guitar
Cedrik Petersson – Bass
Marcus Nieminen – Drums


Rating: 6 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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