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EpisThemE is a progressive-metal band born in Catania in May of 2010, thanks to an idea of the bass player Riccardo Liberti, member of the Italian underground Metal bands Noble Savage, Dark Maze, Denied, Jem In Eye, My First Damnation. The project began as a studio-project with songs written exclusively by Riccardo. The decision of a studio-project was almost forced because of the difficulties in finding musicians who could have been part of a band whose aim was also to perform live.


In September 2010 Riccardo decided to propose to Daniele Spagnulo (Devouring Sorrow, Jem In Eye) to join EpisThemE. After Daniele’s arrival and after a few months, the search for a guitarist came to an end with the arrival of Francesco “Seven” Coluzzi. With this new line-up the band began to write new material, leaving behind everything that Riccardo had previously composed for the project.


In the early months of 2011 EpisThemE started writing material for their first full-length. In the meanwhile they kept on seeking a singer but all this search was unsuccessful, so they decided to go on with the writing of the songs without the help of a singer, just to let the band grow and develop all the ideas. The result was a death/prog style, without missing melodic and clean parts and giving the songs particular sound and structure, all features that remind to a genre that is now called “Math-Metal”.


In June 2012, EpisThemE entered the studio to record the first 5 tracks for their demo CD. In August the band recruited Valentino Valenti (Noble Savage, Mendoza, Jem In Eye) on vocals.


In May 2013 Luca Correnti (Mystura, Sinoath, Inqbdimaja) replaced Valentino behind the mic. In November, 2013 Enrico Grillo joined the band. In April, 2014 the debut album “Descending Patterns” is finally released.

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