Epi-Demic Review


Malformed Conscience

11 Track Album

HPGD Productions

Release Date: 14th April 2017

By: Pagan Hel

Epi-demic – Calgary, Canada



Genre: Crossover/Thrash Metal



“Epi-Demic are a three piece Crossover/Thrash band From Calgary who started out in 2005. Released a Demo in 2006 called “The Plague Begins” and recently dropped a full-length disc entitled “Madness” and will certainly continue to spread their unique brand of violent crossover for a long time to come!”


The production doesn’t sound as sharp as it could be on this track Rotting in Plain Sight as there is a certain amount of fuzziness present that spoils the overall sound somewhat. It is ferocious enough but it sounds like it has been recorded in a basement or garage, or hearing it through a closed window, which isn’t a good start.

Dark Thoughts the second track, however, does sound a lot crisper and so I am thinking that the first track must have been recorded that way for a reason. This track has a Sabbath influence and the vocals are harsh and cantankerous. The music, however, holds a great pumping rhythm that is challengingly serious.

Stewing in Misery starts with a sultry riff that expands and holds a chugging rhythm but once again I can hear a fuzziness so I am beginning to think that the first track was meant to be that way, but it didn’t do it any favours in my humble opinion. This track, however, a real thrasher and has plenty of venomous intent.

Ruthless Ambition rewards the ears with an amazing rhythm that spans over the entire track and creates chaos and violates on all levels. The vocals really hammer home their anger. Losing Time is full of electric riffs that savage the audial with prowess and immense thrashing imagination, however, the rhythm it gives out is near on a nuclear explosion! It is an absolute beast of a track!

Famine entwines its riffs and rhythms around you like a venomous snake until it finally releases its grip and then the fun starts with a battering ram of unruly savage beats and hate-filled vocal tones. There doesn’t seem to be a famine at all, not where the infectious rhythms are concerned there is more than enough for a feast here!

Hatred is a jagged and sharp collection of riffs that gather in momentum and pummel the living daylights out of your ears. It flexes its muscular structure and sneers. And yet another badgering force is let loose in the form of Sons of Dogs it marches its heavy structure into view and ravages the senses in an emotionally charged and thrilling brawl. Breaking Your Mind is a real ambient killer that stalks its prey cornering it and removing all choices from its victim – goes in for the kill, showing its ill-intent it jabs with feisty aggression and gets its reward – and so does the listener as its pace quickens and runs away with itself.

Punishment has a stark beginning that bristles with chunky rhythms and molests the ears with a primordial attack! The riffs are energetic as are the kick beats and the growling vocal adds to the feverish content. Mortal Kind the final track on the album plays to a slow and deliberate beat that doesn’t stay slow and deliberate for very long. Again holding plenty of thrashy anger and electric jabs, repeating itself a few times it is again back in its basement and shrouded in a fuzzy tone – so I am guessing this is a purposeful thing.

There is no doubt about the band’s musical ability it is indeed harsh and menacing for a thrash crossover but the resonating fuzziness for me is a problem as it sounds like you are being cheated out of hearing all of the track, luckily for me, most of the tracks aren’t fuzzy and fully powered up for the ears to receive a battering, so it isn’t a too disappointing album at all.






Track List:

Rotting In Plain Sight

Dark Thoughts

Stewing In Misery

Ruthless Ambition

Losing Time



Sons of Dogs

Breaking Your Mind


Mortal Kind




Adam – Guitar/Vocals

Kyle – Bass

Aaron – Drums

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