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Entropia - Vesper
While it may be a crime to reference, U2 there are moments on this Post Metal/Black?Sludge?Shoegazing metal that warrant those famous Edge melody moments when he takes over. Listen to the middle of the song Tesla closely. Which may give a very false impression but Entropia has elements that defy standard genre specifications. Sure there are tremolo chords and effects laden screams but it is the subtly of the drives, the syncopation of the drums and song writing that takes Vesper out of realm of where other bands that have used repetition for atmosphere. 


Entropia songs are named after Philosophers, Mathematicians, a Poet, an Inventor and a Revolutionary. The songs Dante and Tesla really stand out for me. I have to however reject Pascal, ha ha, for those who get the joke. But it is still a great track. 


While I think Entropia has a more subdued edge thy have been compared to Altar of Plagues. The guitars are steely and the vocals are ambient Black Metal in style. The great thing is that when you really listen to the album beyond the obvious outer texture there are layers to discover. This is the kind of album that would sound great on an LP. For a first full length album the production, songwriting and execution seem very seasoned. From what I could find the members are not referenced for any other bands so that is also impressive. 




Hails From: Oleśnica, Poland




1. Dante

2. Gauss

3. Pascal

4. Vesper

5. Tesla

6. Murat






Michał Dziedzic – Guitars/Vocals/Samples
Marek Ceńkar – Bass/Vocals
Damian Dudek – Keyboards/Synth
Patryk Budzowski – Drums
Michał Duda – Guitars



Rating: 9 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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